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"Psychologists have found that people’s belief in a just world helps explain how they react to innocent victims of negative life circumstances. People become cognitively frustrated when presented with stories of victims who suffer through little fault of their own. They can deal with this frustration in two ways: they can conclude that the world is an unjust place, or they can decide that the victim is somehow to blame. Most people reconcile their psychological distress by blaming the victim. Even when we know that suffering is undeserved, it is psychologically easier to blame the victim rather than give up the idea that the world is basically fair."
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"I Don’t even know who I am anymore"


"I Don’t even know who I am anymore"

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He Jiaying, peintre chinois contemporain

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Pictured: Pretty much all of my friendships.

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Bracelets friends have given me

Bracelets friends have given me

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The espresso machine broke so for the next few days I’m gonna get paid to tell people they can’t have a pumpkin spice latte.

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